The Future of Aerial Photography

Meet our awesome drones, featuring the latest technologies, enabling you to seize the moment wherever, whenever!


HD Camera Drone with Gesture Controlling.


HD Camera Drone with Gesture Controlling.


FHD Camera Drone with Gesture Controlling.


FHD Camera Drone with WIFI & GPS


FHD Camera Drone with WIFI & GPS.


4K Camera Drone with Gesture Controlling.


FHD Camera Drone with WiFi & GPS.

Who we are
and what we do?

At SoarX, we believe in using state-of-the-art drone technologies to capture images in a safer and more efficient way. Our drones will bring you amazing flight control options, highly precise maneuvers and high-performance cameras. With our gestured-control drones, you can enjoy the limitless control. SoarX creates innovative imaging solutions to old and unsolved problems for the new generation of cinematographers.
We believe in pushing the creative boundaries. Are you ready?

We Take Pride in Our Exclusive Products:

High Quality Drones:

SoarX drones use matchless technology to bring you the ultimate drone experience. The highly innovative drones will be your eyes in the high skies.

Smart Remote Controls:

SoarX creates best remote-control devices to empower you with full control over the drone. They feature all the necessary features to let you fly smart and safe.

Drones With GPS:

SoarX introduced the GPS feature so your drone always comes back to you.

High Performance Cameras:

SoarX drones are equipped with high pixel cameras to give you ultimate aerial cinematographic experience.


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